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School Integrated Programs (SIP)

In the SIP program, ZinEdu offers classroom coaching to schools for cracking competitions such as IIT JEE, NEET etc. We provide best in class faculty, specially designed study material and all-India level test series.

Technology Enabled Learning Solutions

We strongly believe that the technology revolution in Education has just started and sky is the limit. We offer multiple solutions to students , teachers & schools such as Interactive Video Lectures, Online Classes, Online Doubt Resolution Sessions, Personal Mentorship Program & Gamified Test Taking.

Teachers Training Program

We at ZinEdu understand that no technology can replace school teachers. We have therefore crafted specially designed solutions to train teachers in areas such as technology, curriculum, teaching methods, and communication skills.

Our Approach

You have the infrastructure.You have students.

You also have great vision. Let us provide the missing link by offering Trained Teachers, Material and Technology.

Our Philosophy

We take complete responsibility (and your headache ) so that you can concentrate on things that matter.

Our Awesome Team

Amol Varshney


Amol is an ISB Hyderabad (MBA) and IIT Delhi (B.Tech) alumnus. Having undertaken many Leadership & General Management at India’s leading startups post his MBA, Amol decided to quit the glittery corporate world to follow his passion in the field of education. Philosophical by nature, he is perhaps the biggest admirer of MSD and will invariably be seen glued to the TV whenever MSD takes on the field.

Kumar Abhinav


Abhinav is a B.Tech in Computer Science from IIT Guwahati. He heads our technical division. He has 10+ years of experience in designing amazing interfaces alongwith developing web and mobile apps. He loves using cutting edge technologies and  is a serial entrepreneur.Also, in his free time he directs short film and loves to connect via his  YouTube channel.

Aashish Bhaskar


Fondly, called AB, Aashish is a B.Tech from IIT Delhi.He is a technocrat at mind and core educationist at heart. He has taught at best institutes of India and has a vast experience of dealing with complete spectrum of students. Evolution has struck !Now he is out on a mission to make a difference in educational landscape ; ofcourse through technology.

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Why Us

  • Technology Enabled Learning:
  All our services are blended heavily with technology to spark the curiosity among students, to enable greater reach of our solutions, and to reduce the costs of receiving quality education.    
  • Personalized Coaching:
  We at ZinEdu understand that every child has different set of needs. We therefore strive to provide highly customizable solutions to match the needs of each and every student.    
  • Specially Designed Solutions to suit your needs:
  Our solutions are highly specialized and have been crafted by industry experts with tens of years of experience in this field. You can be assured of state-of-the art study material to bring the best out of the students.    
  • Low-Cost Solutions:
  We offer high-quality solutions that are priced much lower than the competitors.

We have developed path-breaking cost effective solutions to help schools climb to the next level.

Thousands of parents have seen their children transform into leaders of tomorrow

We are here to empower school teachers, not replace them. Let's join hands.

Welcome to the world of fun based, technology enabled learning.

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